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We speak your language!

This month’s AITD issue of Training and Development Magazine focuses on learning transfer – something just as if not more important than learning design and training delivery!

The first article is entitled The Push and Pull of Knowledge and Training, by David King from Tribal Habits (A knowledge sharing and training platform for organisations).

Why did this article grab our attention?

His research noted the importance of learner’s pulling learning as we push it towards them. What concepts do this? Relevance, context and accountability are three noted as making a difference to successful learning transfer – all three are very valuable points.

Let’s focus on the relevance aspect for now.

When David spoke of relevance, he mentioned his research into online learning modules… The higher percentage of learners that found the learning relevant and applicable on the job where modules were developed by people who understood their organisation and customised the content to their environment.

Did you discover what you expected in this module?

  • Internal subject matter experts/unique content/high relevance = 86% learners
  • External development/generic content/low relevance = 67% learners

Were you successful in implementing on-the-job?

  • Internal/unique content/high relevance = 96% learners
  • External/generic/low relevance = 56% learners


David noted that training developed externally from an organisation could suffer from assumptions and generic examples, reducing relevance to learners. YES! This is why we love what we do.

Off the shelf is never the best fit. Working closely with an external provider to create something for your organisation will always be better – planning meetings and discussions with developers help get a better fit. More than this, we believe that no-one can understand the Public Safety Sector better than people who work in it – who know the relevance and who have the lived examples. You don’t need to explain every tiny detail to us, we already get it! We_speak_your_language

David says “when someone is speaking your language, you tend to turn up the volume”. So tune in all Public Safety learners, trainers and organisations: We speak your language. We can jargon with the best of you, relate with most of you and look forward to working with lots of you!

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