Meet Our Team


Kathryn has knowledge and skills drawn from over 20 years of training experience, education, community participation and life experience. She also has training and experience in frontline management and project

Starting out in the primary and tertiary sectors of education, Kathryn then chose to specialise in the VET sector working within learning and development for multiple Emergency Services including NSW State Emergency Service, Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW Rural Fire Service. She has worked as a qualified paramedic (P1) for NSW Ambulance and as an Ambulance Community Officer with Ambulance Victoria.

Her ability to quickly assess and comprehend a new situation, and her relaxed but effective communication ability makes Kathryn an ideal candidate for a wide variety of training and consulting projects, especially in the Public Safety Sector. Kathryn has worked with volunteers, staff, managers, team leaders, consultants and contractors. She has worked effectively with people from the public, private, and education sectors.

With extensive experience as a presenter and facilitator, Kathryn uses a blend of active, co-operative and experiential learning strategies to engage participants and ensure retention of new ideas. As a developer, Kathryn has written a variety of training resources and supporting documentation, to be used by both full time and volunteer trainers/assessors. She has extensive experience in writing for both field based emergency service skill sets and incident management team roles, including the development and implementation of multiagency programs.

As a lifelong learner, Kathryn has been committed to both informal learning and formal qualifications. Her most recent qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Professional Education and Training, and a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, ensuring she can support delivery of the TAE training package.

Kathryn also believes in the sharing of knowledge and supporting others to develop. She has mentored numerous trainers and assessors to help with both design and delivery skills. She has also presented at Australian and International Conferences, most recently the EMQUAL Training conference in Wellington, NZ where she shared insights into developing a coaching and mentoring program within volunteer emergency services.

Kathryn’s specific area of expertise include:

  • Reviews of training systems and processes
  • Bespoke training design
  • Development and compliance of nationally accredited training
  • Development of e-learning and blended delivery solutions
  • Development and evaluation of exercises


Tony is an energetic emergency management leader, who is passionate about developing individuals and groups to support their communities during times of disaster. With more than 25 years experience working with Emergency Services in WA, NSW, NT and VIC, Tony has a well rounded understanding of Emergency Management principles and practice in the Australian context.

Tony holds numerous qualifications within the Public Safety sector as well as his Certificate IV in TAE.  To support his extensive practical experience he has also completed qualifications in project management, an Advanced Diploma Public Safety (Emergency Management) and is currently finalising his Masters in Business Administration.

Tony has been involved with the training and development of volunteers, L&D professionals and managers for over 20 years. He is well known for his high level facilitation and mentoring skills, as well as his passionate delivery style. He is a sought after presenter for facilitation skills for new trainers. His ability to question and probe helps ensure that a clear understanding is gained of what an organisation requires from their training.

As a developer, Tony has written a variety of training resources and supporting documentation for local, regional and state levels for both public and private sector organisations.

More recently Tony has supported organisations in the review and implementation of their emergency management plans, applying best practice principles in a way that meets the capability of the individual organisation and its people.

Tony’s specific area of expertise include:

  • Bespoke training design
  • Development of nationally accredited training
  • Facilitation of meetings and training events
  • Mentoring and coaching of individuals or teams
  • Development and evaluation of emergency management plans and exercises


Natalie has extensive experience in both the private and public sector, with her focus over the past 10 years being within the NSW Public Safety Sector. She is now regarded as one of the most experienced and competent compliance consultants for Enterprise Emergency Service Organisations. As a specialist in quality assurance and continuous improvement, she ensures ongoing compliance with the VET Quality Framework to maintain RTO registration for a large NSW Emergency Service, and provides advice to other NSW agencies to support them in their compliance and quality processes. Her ability to explain national systems and requirements in easy to understand language has been heavily utilised by RTO managers. She is also confident in the development of organisational policy and procedure to support the RTO operations.

With qualifications in VET and adult education to support over 17 years of practical training experience, Natalie has also been instrumental in the development and implementation of TAE Trainer and Assessor programs as well as numerous other training programs from the Public Safety Training Package. Natalie’s attention to detail helps ensure high quality, consistent and compliant materials are produced to meet client needs at the end of the quality assurance process.

Natalie also has extensive experience in establishing, developing and maintaining RTO learner databases that meet auditing requirements. Natalie is heavy involved in the ongoing development of the SAP LSO system, which was implemented by NSW SES, NSW RFS and Fire and Rescue NSW.


James is a Operations and Security Specialist with more than a decade’s experience in the Australian Defence Sector. He has international experience in Security Operations as well as roles in recruitment and training within the Defence Sector.

James has lead instructional staff and been responsible for the development, delivery and quality review of training for international deployments of personnel. This included updating training to ensure material and methodology was current and appropriate for job roles, using both the nationally recognised Public Safety and Defence Training Packages. He has also developed and delivered training for overseas security forces, using his strong problem solving and liaison skill sets to overcome barriers of language, culture and politics.

His qualifications in Security and Risk Management, Management, Government Investigations, Workplace Health and Safety, Emergency Management and Training support his practical experience.