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Technology Skills Resource for Those With a ZERO Budget

If you work in an organisation where there is a large enough budget to support external delivery of material or online subscription databases such as that support independent learning, lucky you!

If you (like me) work with a more restricted budget… say anything from $0 to even $100 a person per year for Professional Development, you will likely have experienced frustrations with trying to source external support, or gotten exceedingly good at the skill of pleading, bargaining, bartering and sharing.

While all of these methods are often necessary and usually effective, it’s also nice to occasionally come across an external resource that is:

  1. Focusing on an area where you have no or limited internal resources
  2. High quality and user friendly
  3. Free!!!!

When gems such as these are found, they should be shared with your fellow L&D community and enthusiastic learners. So, let me share with you my latest find.

Who will this help

Working in the Emergency Service Sector, we have an abundance of experts for technical and rescue skills. We also have a lot of ‘field’ people who’s role now includes documenting, budgeting, tracking and a heap of other office based tasks (usually involving computer programs). Techno-literacy is becoming an increasing issue across organisations, especially as more work and learning becomes device based. There isn’t usually time or suitable resources for one-on-one training, or a lot of cash for a course.

Where do you need to go

logo  Check out The Global Community Foundation International

All learning opportunities (tutorials, classes, articles, videos modules, and interactive lessons) are completely free to all users. If you register for a free account they will also track your progress and give you a transcript for work completed.

The focus is mainly on technology skills, with straightforward bite size sessions, accompanied by step by step instructions, practice documents, supporting videos and adequate screen shots to explain everything.

One quote on the site summed it up for me:

I have paid money for classes that were not nearly as well organised or as helpful.

Note: Brio has no affiliation with GCFI and there are no kick-backs for us. This is just a community service announcement 🙂

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