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Take the Leap: Rediscover Learning


September 1st – 8th is National Adult Learner’s Week!

Learning is a lifelong activity that shouldn’t end with schooling or basic training. There are so many different opportunities for us to continue learning throughout our lives! Adult Learner’s Week is about showing the breadth of opportunities available for adults who want to learn – and they say that there are about eight million Australians learning for work or pleasure each year.

Rediscovering learning for some of us is about getting prepared for a new job or career change, while for others its about gaining life skills, giving back to their community, building confidence, or (one of our favourites) simply to pursue a passion or interest.

There are so many benefits to being a lifelong learner!

  1. Opportunities for new roles – staying up to date and being flexible – you are more able to adapt to change
  2. Personal satisfaction and increased self-esteem from completing something challenging
  3. Taking advantage of the freedom to learn as an adult – in the way, time and place that suits you
  4. Keeping your mind sharp and thinking flexible as you get older
  5. Opportunities to meet new people and make new connections

Our world is changing around us in such a frantic pace that if we do not continue to grow and develop; we will soon be left behind. In the 21st century, we all need to be lifelong learners. We need to continually keep our skills sharp and up to date so that we have an edge in all we do. Of course, we all have a natural desire to learn for adapting to change, enriching and fulfilling our lives.

Source: lifelong learning – why do we need it?

How long has it been since you did something for your own learning and development? What are your goals at the moment?

  • Check out available courses through your organisation, or think about all the other places that are offering great training
  • Visit a library (in person or online) and see what is on offer
  • Join an online community of practice
  • Find a mentor to help you develop some skills

Want to find out more?

To find out more about Adult Learners’ Week visit or check out the feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #ALW2017.

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