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Our Work


At Brio Consulting we share several values that can be clearly seen in the way we work with each other, our clients and any learners we are lucky enough to meet.

logo-clear-backgroundWe encourage flexibility – in our thinking, our designs and our ability to work with our clients when and where meets their needs.

logo-clear-backgroundWe have passion – for helping others solve problems, sharing experiences and creating enthusiasm in others.

logo-clear-backgroundWe promote life long learning – we expect it of ourselves and think it should be part of any training solution.

logo-clear-backgroundWe put effort into building relationships – A team approach supports effective development and implementation.


We like to think about the difference that our work is meant to achieve from the beginning. Let’s talk problem-solving and our end goal. We want to create training that is a value add, not an add on.

We consider the foundations of how people engage with new ideas and what creates behaviour change. Understanding motivation, the human brain and learning design means we can best support people through any training developed.

We believe in the importance of making learning experiences accessible to everyone.  What is essential design elements for some, is helpful for many more! We continue to learn about how best to support people with specific needs, including how to ensure our work meets WCAG requirements.

We use an iterative approach to developing training. We use what we learn from initial discussions and any existing content to create a basic concept, which is then shared for initial review by agreed stakeholders. This is then revised and refined until the final product is complete and approved.

We believe that training is not properly tested until it is tried by a number of end users. We offer a period of post-development updating to refine materials, ensuring that it best meets the needs of the wider user group.


We are happy to discuss and show examples of our work including hard copy training resources and online/blended learning designs.

We have committed to provide discounted and pro-bono services to support selected organisations that otherwise would not be able to develop resources.

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