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Month: July 2017

Differentiating Training in the Emergency Services

There is tons of generic education research available listing strategies to support differentiation of content, process and product. Google is your friend – check some ideas out… but always ask yourself: will this standard suggestion work for me in the Public Safety Sector? Hmm, often the answer may be ‘sorta, kinda, maybe’ because we have some extra challenges to face here. 

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Would a “flipped classroom” approach work for you?

The idea of the “flipped” classroom is that main content can be viewed and digested outside of the classroom. Training time can then focus on scenario based learning, team activities and discussion or questions about the content. there are clearly opportunities for adult education and agencies in our Public Safety Sector – both in the normal course of training and for professional development events.

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Training Tweaks From Neuroscience Geeks

Neuroscientists study the brain and its impact on behaviour and thinking functions, including how we learn. This is an area of constant development, and what we do know is much less than what we are still finding out!science is in flux and what we know is dwarfed by what we don’t. While this is a huge area of science, there are some helpful tips that we can apply as trainers to help make sure learning is meaningful and ‘sticks’ in learner’s brains.

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